The ‘Real’ Cost Of NOT Eating Organic

cost of eating organic

When it’s your health that’s being put on the line, you aren’t actually helping yourself and you’re not saving money if you don’t eat organic. After all, your health is a lot more important than cash and savings. Worse, mismanaging your health can end up costing you much more than you think you are saving in the bank.

Good thing it only takes a bit of information and teaching to tell you about the actual cost in terms of money and health that comes from not eating organic and all natural food. Fast food and genetically engineered food might look prettier and tastier, but the truth of the matter is that these types of food aren’t all that healthy and nutritious for you or your family. Here ‘s why.

You Ingest Pesticides and Genetically Modified Food

When you buy non-organic food, you buy food that might have been introduced to harmful chemicals such as pesticides. These pesticides and herbicides aren’t completely washed away. Some trace amounts still remain with the food that you buy or eat.

Another issue about non-organic food is genetically modified foods. These mutant food have been genetically altered and are unnatural. While these might look bigger and prettier (redder tomatoes and hardier potatoes), they might have unwanted side effects on your body and on the environment.

Expose Yourself To Health Risks

So when you do not make it a point to eat organic food, but settle with non-organic food and genetically modified food instead, you are veering away from what is natural and exposing yourself to health risks. This is what comes with eating food that comes from genetically modified crops or animals, such as crops that are resistant to pesticides or cows that produce more milk. They make look prettier or tastier, but in fact they aren’t helping your health that much. That’s why you shouldn’t think like you’re saving money when in fact you’re actually exposing yourself to health risks that might end up putting you in the hospital.

Organic Food is Cheaper Than Ever

One of the main concerns about healthy eating is that it takes a bite out of your wallet as well. Organic food and healthy food always seemed to cost more than 'conventional' food. That’s changed in recent years. Because many farmers are producing organic food and many consumers are investing more in their health and starting to buy these healthier food products, organic food is cheaper and more affordable than ever.

All these things point to one thing: you aren’t saving money when you’re not eating organic food. So if you really want to save money, invest in your health and start enjoying the health and monetary benefits of eating organic food.

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