Backyard Composters

You can of course buy your compost at a store or, if you have the space, get a backyard composter. Using a composter will minimize you carbon imprint by lowering your trash and waste and also provide rich nutrient soil for your own garden.

Use compost for soil amending by mixing a 4-6 inch layer of finished compost into newly reclaimed or poor soils. When using compost for mulching you are adding nutrients to the soil and also keeping those weeds under control.

Check out the recommended backyard composters below!

Achla Composter

Achla Spinning Horizontal Composter
The environmentally friendly Achla Spinning Horizontal Composter lets you steer those table scraps and garden waste away from the local landfill and put it to work feeding the microorganisms in your garden. Read More >>

Envirocycle Composter

Envirocycle Composter
Compact, durable and user-friendly. Aeration occurs through small openings in the drum. Lockable lid prevents access to the compost by small animals. The drum is indented for easy gripping and rolling. Read More >>

Good Ideas Compost Wizard

Good Ideas 7 Cubic Foot Compost Wizard Jr.
This little guy is the scaled down version of its 12 cubic foot kin. The Jr. holds 7 cubic feet of compost and sits on a wheeled base. The handles now provide better grip to make turning even easier. Read More >>

Lifetime Compost Tumblir

Lifetime 75 Gallon Compost Tumblir
With a Lifetime Composter you can easily reduce, reuse, and recycle kitchen and garden waste into a rich organic soil conditioner. Compost helps retain the moisture in your soil and adds rich nutrients for healthy plants. Read More >>

Tumbleweed Compost Bin

Tumbleweed 58 Gallon Rotating Compost Bin
The Tumbleweed compost tumbler has a neat, compact design makes it an ideal compost bin for any level composter with any amount of garden space. By giving the Tumbleweed a spin every few days, it’s easy to create fresh compost. Read More >>

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